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What Does "Mummy Brain Builders" Do? 


It is the project for empowering future generations primarily through raising maternal awareness to prevent  Emotional Neglect.

It offers mothers as well as fathers and caregivers tools for raising emotionally healthy individuals. 

Our project aims to prevent the “emotional neglect” that affects 18 out of every hundred children worldwide and about 6 million children in Turkey with a population of 24 million children. 

Emotional neglect as an adverse childhood experience (ACE) may reveal itself in adulthood as low self-confidence, self-discipline problems, increased impulsivity, anger management issues, persistent blaming, violence and abuse.


We aim to raise parental awareness and provide practical tools to prevent emotional neglect by means of scientific collaborations, free public seminars, Youtube and social media video series and our publications including emotional neglect kits and our book. 

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