Let's build our future together

Mummy Brain Builders is the project of empowering future generations through raising awareness on mothers about Emotional Neglect.

The aim of our project is to draw attention to the “emotional neglect” that affects 18 out of every hundred children worldwide and 4.4 million children in our country with a population of 24 million children, to touch the future with the “hands of mothers” through “Mummy Brain Builders” project and to prevent the negative behaviour patterns that emotional neglect may cause in the future.

Emotional neglect may reveal itself in adulthood as low self-confidence, self-discipline problems, increased impulsivity, anger management issues, persistent blaming, violence and abuse.


Our aim is to raise awareness and to provide practical solutions by explaining this concept which is abstract and difficult to define with scientific contents, case examples, our emotional neglect kits, seminars and YouTube series.