Dear Parents,


As raising parents of today, how aware are we that we are laying the foundations of future societies and building the social future?

How well are we aware that the tiny hands lost in the palm of our hands, the tiny minds that try to look us in the eye and understand, make sense of the world through our eyes, the tiny hearts will write a future for the whole world along with their own lives?

How much control do we have to ensure that they are healthy adults, both physically and spiritually, who have reached the expected level in all areas of development?

As parents, how willing, patient and conscious are we to write a “story” different from our own life story?

To what extent do the meanings and expectations we place on our child / children coincide with his/her individual difference and “uniqueness”?

“There is a very special and beautiful child worthy of the best of everything in this world! And he/she lives in your house.”

says Doğan Cüceloğlu…

And how much are we aware of this beautiful child living in our house?

Keep your answers to yourself, but always try to review (once again) your own parenting adventure with these questions…

As “Mummy Brain Builders”, we have initiated a social initiative to draw attention to and raise awareness on emotional neglect with the first of our life projects, which is based on our individual inquiries and which aims to create social benefits for the large masses.


We are touching the future by developing positive parenting as parents - MOTHERS who are responsible for raising balanced adults in Maria Montessori's statement: “A person becomes a balanced adult only when he lives childhood to the fullest”…


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